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Welcome to After Hours Exposed!
This site is a new experiment by me (Jim). About 9 years ago now, I started my other site, out of my dorm room at college. I still run the site, and love documenting college party girls showing off their hot bodies in public. But, I recognized a long time ago, that some of the girls that I film are down to do alot more than just show their bodies!... And so, I am launching this site. To show what really happens behind the closed doors at all the parties that I attend. I am a professional partier, and this site is completely REAL. I do pay the girls, but only to make the contract that I have them sign legally binding. These girls are sucking and fucking me on their own.
All These videos are Homemade by me! I hope you don't see your girlfriend on here!

Please email me at with any questions, suggestions, or comments for the site!
05/11/2010 - I apologize for getting behind on updates, I was busy shooting a ton of new content... I won't be getting behind again!... Thank you for your continued patronage... I hope you like all the new updates!...
Videos are in TRUE HIGH DEF in the Member's Only Area!

05/10/2010 - After going out for the night and checking out a new club that had just opened... I could just tell that rachel was down to hook up... so I took her back to my place for some drinks and music... then a couple of my friends came by to see what's up... so I immediately took Rachel back into my bedroom's bathroom and whipped it out!... "When in doubt, whip it out" is almost always a good idea... ESPECIALLY when it gets to be about 3 in the morning!... Rachel sucked my dick like a pro... and she even took most of my load in her mouth!... Another one of the most epic real videos that you will ever see on the internet... I mean seriously, nobody does this real stuff with real girls online... JOIN TODAY TO SEE IT ALL!

Hot Girls Sucking my dick and swallowing my load!

02/24/2010 - I met Meagan at the Super Bowl 2010 party across the street from my Tampa condo, at IMAX theater... I bought her some drinks, and both of us ended up getting really drunk, and bored by the super bowl game, so we went up to my condo!... I talked her into doing a photo shoot for me, and this is the dirty result. I started out with a normal shoot, but it got much dirtier!... Meagan is so hot!...In my opinion, it was definitely worth having to watch the rest of the super bowl on my DVR...


02/10/2010 - 18 year old Janelle was really crazy when I met her, and I had a feeling that I was going to be able to fuck her at some point!... Well here you go, this was the first night that I met her, and after hitting up YBOR city here in Tampa all night, doing shots, after shots, after more shots.... You can definitely tell that I am also drunk during this, but oh well, I still did an AWESOME job of shooting young Janelle!... One of my friends was actually mad after this because he said that he had fucked her first, and that I had stolen her from him... Well, all I have to say to that, is that this girl is certifiably insane, and he can have her back!... lol... But she still did an AWESOME job sucking my dick!...

Booze and Partying always makes girls want to fuck!...

02/03/2010 - Crazy morning after an equally crazy night of hard drinking!... I don't think that anyone in the house was even wearing clothes by the point that I shot this video with Ashley!... There was like a fucking devil's three way going on in one of my guest bedrooms... so I decided that I would let Ashley suck the cum out of my dick!... It was around 10am, and after I blew my load in her mouth, she sucked up all my cum and we went to mcdonalds (still drunk) and got some breakfast!... I'm such a nice guy!... This video is private, just like all the other videos that I post on my site... Become a member to see all the uncensored fucking and sucking...


01/27/2010 - Kendra loved sucking on my camera guy Curtis's tripod of a cock!... This was a video that I shot during spring break awhile back... back at the hotel with the whole crew... Drunkeness lead to sluttyness and cock sucking!... Some random spring breaker even came by the room and grabbed ahold of curtis's dick, just to try it on for size!... Oh, and then don't forgot about how curtis fucked kendra's face and blew his load all over the fucking place!.... This video is one of the many videos that I have decided to publish on this site, that will probably be removed as soon as Kendra finds out about it!... So, Join now, to download it before it disappears!

Face fucking Fun in the Drunken Aftermath of Clubbing All night long!...

01/20/2010 - Fucking "Bat Shit Crazy" Natalia!... This girl actually walked around spring break this past year with stalkings on her head! Everybody just got drunk and used and abused this girl... She sure loved to suck dick though!... The camera guy had a great time trying to fist her, and then she thanked him by sucking him off and swallowing his load!... Nasty, Dirty, Drunken, Spring Break, Fucking, Sucking and all around debauchery!... Join to see this whole video!... AMMMMAZING!

Crazy Party Girls giving Blow jobs to my Nebraska Coeds Camera Guys!

01/06/2010 - 19 year old Catherine came back to our friend's house after hanging out at a local gay bar all night with us!... I love how much easier it is to hook up with hot girls from gay bars it is!... So anyway, we talked her into coming back to our house, and then I talked her into using a dildo on camera for a little while!... Then after a few extra beer bongs, and even some masturbation with a banana in her pussy!.... She ended up blowing my friend and she loved deep throating his dick! She even took his load all over her face!... Then after all of this, we were all drunk and I took her up to one of the bedrooms and dicked her down myself!...

These videos were NEVER meant to see the light of day, so DO NOT tell your friends about my site

12/23/2009 - 20 year old Ashley came back up here to Lincoln to party with us for another weekend!... We had a blast out partying at some random house parties, and going to a local hockey game... But when we got back to my place, I decided that I wasn't going to be able to sleep very well, because I was so fucking horny... So, since we've hooked up before, I talked her into giving me a hand job / blow job to get my load off... Let me tell you, most girls have no idea how to actually get a guy off, but Ashley is one BIG exception!... She got me off all on her own, and I blew my load all over her young tits!...

These videos were NEVER meant to see the light of day, so DO NOT tell your friends about my site

12/16/2009 - We met 19 year old Jenny while partying at Tequila Frog's during Spring Break last year... It was after the club was closed, and she was in the back of the club, over-looking the water... Turns out, she had dropped her purse into the water, and was talking the security guys into wading out and looking for it... She never found her purse... It was also supposed to be her last day at spring break, but we managed to talk her into moving into our house... This was shot the morning after meeting her, which just happened to be Easter Sunday morning!... Jenny ended up staying with us in the house, and riding back to Oklahoma City with me, which was on the way for my drive back to Lincoln, Nebraska...

Hot SEX on EASTER... I wonder if this was a SIN!

12/09/2009 - Switching stuff up over here!... I got Teena-Marie to give me a BJ while she was in town again, and talked her into wearing a mexican wrestling mask!... Kinda freaky, but I kind of liked what was going on!... She sucked my dick like a champ in this update, and I really hope that all of you like this update!... I am looking for new girls to shoot in the site, so keep a lookout for some new models showing up really soon!... As soon as one of my good friends get's back to town, we are going to go on a week long party bender and I hope to shoot a new girl every night!... I will also be increasing the cost of the site sometime in the near future, so be sure to sign up right away to lock in the current price for access to all the member's updates!

Sometimes, while on a alcohol bender, I get a little wilder with the girls, bringing out masks and shit!

12/03/2009 - "Nothing good happens after 2am"!... My parents and grand-parents used to, and still do tell me!... Well, I disagree with them. This is a video that we shot last week at my apartment in Lincoln, NE... After drinking all night with my good friend Ashley, we took her back to my place and ended up getting down and dirty with her!... The whole thing started with her taking a shower for my Nebraska Coeds website, and then it became very apparent that she was drunk and horny!... She gave some AWESOME head in this video, and I'm really glad that I now have this site to share these really dirty video tapes with you!... Become a member today to see all of my drunken fuck adventures in the member's only area!...

Nothing good really does happen after 2am.... Our Parents were right!

11/25/2009 - 20 year old Bethany came over to my apartment one night after we met her through a friend at a house party!... She seemed to really like my camera guy, Jesse... As soon as we got to my place, she went to the bathroom (like most girls do)... then she came out and that's where this video begins!... She seemed to love the taste of cum... and she definitely knew how to give an amazing blowjob!... So here's the first Holiday Season update for the site!... Everything I shoot it real to life, and sometimes, I find videos like this one that are more real to life than even I can believe... But, you even get to see a little bit of me being drunk talking to the camera! Join now, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Girl's really do just like dick!... Especially when they're on camera!

11/18/2009 - Raquel Diamond has become such a good friend of ours!... Here she is sucking my friend's dick with more enthusiasm that I have ever seen!... She sucks his huge dick for like 20 minutes up the amazing condo that we have in Tampa!... She's still going to school in Kansas, and I'm hoping to hang out with her sometime soon... like maybe around thanksgiving? But either way, this is another awesome after-hours exposed video update for you to enjoy!... She is such a beautiful girl!... I think that she's actually just making her way into mainstream porn... where I am sure she will be successful!... JOIN TODAY to see this whole private dirty video!...

Hot Girls Sucking my dick and swallowing my load!

11/11/2009 - This is the BEST VIDEO SO FAR that I have ever put together!... Over 30 minutes of home video shot by me chronicaling my "Spring Break Girlfriend" Leihla, back when she was just 18 years old, and on a Spring Break trip with me!... I stole her from the party, and used and abused her in the bedroom... There are lots of scenes in this of her and I Fucking, her sucking my dick, and so on, and so on... I only posted about a 3 min club of this back in the day on my other site, nebraskacoeds... There is also alot of video of Leihla being drunk off her ass, begging me not to be mad at her while she's sucking my cock and balls!... JOIN NOW TO SEE THIS WHOLE VIDEO!

See my exclusive sex life, out in the open for all my paying member's to see!

11/04/2009 - Teena Marie, still 21 years old, is back again here in Tampa, going out to clubs and partying like a fucking rockstar!... Here's an uncanny video of her getting ready to go out back at the condo... Then we head out to the club, and she starts showing off her tits in the club, and making out with all the random girls that she can get her hands on!... While taking a break back in my truck (by taking a break, I mean, chugging as much jager as we can handle)... I pull my dick out, and next thing I know, she's sucking my dick in my truck, and we're parked right out front of the club!... She finishes me off by jerking me off and then she even licks up all the cum!... Then, the BEST BY FAR part, is when we go back into the club and she makes out with a ton more girls!... If they only knew where her mouth just was!... JOIN NOW!

Blowjob in the car, then back in the club to make out with more random girls! CRAZY!

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